About HCV

This is the owner and tenant advocate website. Until now owners and residents at the Huntington Continental Town Home Association in Huntington Beach, California have not had their own voice. Their complaints, their issues, their problems with the complex, the management, the association, the board of directors, the attorneys have all been silent unheard. Now its time to unleash the power of the web and get these issues heard.  The web is a great tool for exhibiting your complaints, frustrations and kudos with the association and its chosen agents such as Feldsott and Lee, and Keystone Property Management.


This site and the comments herein contain information that will verify owning in a home owner association may live up to everything you have ever heard about the HOA nightmare experience. Start at the front page, read a few of the documents, download the trial files. and thank God you did not buy a property here.


DISCLAIMER: This website is not a product of The Huntington Continental Town Home Association, Inc. nor it is affiliated with the corporation, or the board of directors. This is a private site provided for the residents of the community to allow and foster free speech regarding issues, positive or negative, that concern the owners and residents. We give you a platform to VOICE your concerns, under the premise of free speech, similar to Rip Off Report, Yelp, Wiki leaks, and others.


If you have had bad experiences or good experiences with the Law Firm of Feldsott and Lee, Keystone Property Management or the Board of Directors of our association we would like to hear about them. There is much to know about what has been going on behind the scenes with our board of directors, Feldsott and Lee, and Keystone Property Management. We will give you the tools and show you how to quickly obtain, contracts, minutes, your documents, your accounting, the minutes of any meetings about you or your unit, and attempt to stop all the needless allegations, fines and other menacing issues that are the daily routine of the operations at the Huntington Continental Town Homes.


Have you had:

  • Allegations and fines about oil in your carport?
  • Threats about your TV antenna?
  • Proposed fines about your window screens?
  • Countless letters, threats, and unfounded accusations by management?
  • Stonewalling by management and attorneys regarding your requests and complaints?
  • Refusing partial payments?


Regardless if your comments are  good or bad / pro or con, your your comments and opinions should be posted here to let the Board of Directors and management know how they are doing. The website put up by Keystone Property Management is hopelessly out of date.


Stay tuned as we open our forum and allow comments and discussions about complaints, lawsuits, contracts, the bios of our board, and everything you ever wanted to know about the Huntington Continental Town Home Association.


Have you even seen the attorney’s contract and how they make money off of us? How about the Keystone Property Management contracts? These are very interesting reads and something you should be aware of. You might attend more board meetings if you REALLY knew how this all worked.


Planned areas of this website include:


  • Bios on each of our directors (when they don’t tell you about them when they run for office)
  • A forum where you can post your issues and discuss the Board of Directors, Keystone Management Company and Feldsott and Lee, the attorney firm the board has received so many complaints about.
  • A classified site for things for sale in the complex.
  • All documents for the association for easy download.
  • And much much more!