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    Myra Kuck is on the Board of Directors.

    Who is Myra Kuck?

    Its unfortunate when people run for office they provide none of their history so that you have a valid reference to vote for someone of substance, or at least know their background and why they are competent to fill the position. Author had a meeting with Ms. Kuck during 2013. During a recorded meeting Ms. Kuck stated she had read the CCRs that govern the running of the Huntington Continental, but remembered little of the information. She admitted that she was not aware of important legal rulings that affected the development and the funds the homeowners may have to pay in legal fees. You may listen to this entire meeting and download it in the download section of this website. Ms. Kuck and Mr. Macias were both at the meeting. The substance of the conversation can not be disputed, and the lack of knowledge of the this Director can not be disputed either.

    What do you really know about her? You need to ask the hard questions before the election!


    Myra Kuck was born in:





    *Currently being sued in Orange County Superior Court, along with the HOA, for negligence and other issues

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