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    After attending a recent home owners meeting and a recent conversation with the HOA President Rustan Laine it is my understanding that many people have had bad experiences with the collection practices used by the attorneys at Feldsott and Lee. Mr. Rustan Laine (current HOA president) himself informed the author that he has had multiple complaints from homeowners (so if they have chosen a service provider who mistreats the homeowners why not change?). If you have had a bad experience with these attorneys lets band together to get rid of them and get some honest and reasonable attorneys chosen by the board. It appears that Action Property Management and Feldsott and Lee are in collusion and work together to secretly run these HOAs. So, its not the HOA making the decisions, its the attorneys and the management company for their own monopolistic benefit. Its the tail wagging the dog at the Huntington Continental.


    If you have bad experiences with Felsott and Lee post your comments about them here. If you have bad experiences with Action Property Management please post these issues in the appropriate

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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