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Petition to demand the Board of Directors

to cease all action in the appeal of the JM Trust case.


I sign this petition demanding The Board of Directors of the HUNTINGTON CONTINENTAL TOWN HOUSE ASSOCIATION, INC. immediately instruct Feldsott and Lee attorneys to withdraw their appeal that would take away members rights to make partial payments under the law, which is the main issue of the JM Trust case, and allow the JM Trust case to be heard as it was scheduled in Orange County Superior Court only to consider damages, if any.


JMTRUST, etc. et al., Defendants and Appellants.

Case No. 2013-00623099

Superior Court of California, County of Orange.

Filed January 13, 2014.


My name is [print] ________________________________ I am the legal owner of a property located in the Huntington Continental Town House common area development. I am a member of the association. I sign this petition to demand the Board of Directors to stop all litigation that would prevent me, as a member of this association, from making partial payments per the decision by the Superior Court of Orange County Appellate Division – Case number 2013-00623099


I demand, as a member of the association, that the Board of Directors follow the direction of the homeowners who sign this petition and stop and withdraw this appeal by Feldsott and Lee using the HOA as standing for the litigation. To direct Feldsott and Lee to withdraw this appeal, which, by withdrawing will preserve my rights in Orange County, as an owner, to make partial payments and potentiality save the HOA $100,000 in unwarranted attorney fees.


If you do not follow our direction and demands, we the HOA members, will hold you, the Board, personally accountable and responsible for all court costs and legal fees that may be incurred by the HOA and we will take any steps necessary to force the Board to act per our direction. We will hold you responsible for any and all fees and costs that that may be incurred by further proceedings in the JM Trust legal action to further appeal the Superior Courts Appellate Division decision support partial payments; including all attorney fees and costs for any legal action.


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