Who makes the law? – Lawyers!

February 12, 2014Comments Off

Who makes most law? Lawyers! And that is the start of our problem as owners in an HOA association. While there are many reasonable and fair attorneys, there are many who are not.


When laws are made in Sacramento who is up there protecting the 9,000,000 HOA owners in common area developments? Not many. On the other side you have every collection law firm in planet earth lobbying for law that makes them RICHER, and any law that would help to protect you further!


Have YOU ever been asked whether you believe a person should be able to save their home from foreclosure by making a partial payment for at least part of what they owe? NEVER! The problem with all this you, as homeowners in HOA developments, are NOT represented in Sacramento by anyone! It’s the big law firms, with big money, who make big profits [millions] from being lawyers for these HOA Boards, who are up there buying drinks, attending parties, giving free tickets, sending gifts and doing everything in their power to make the law go their way, to benefit them.


Once in a while the Legislature makes law to actually protect you. This is one of those times and now the lawyers are trying to take that away from you. As this blog progresses I will tell you about all the laws to protect you that the big HOA Attorney firms have shot down by gaining votes against YOU. You pay the bills, the money you pay goes into the HOA, who in turn pays big law firm, who then use your money to lobby against YOU! It’s time to make yourself aware of just how this situation “really” works. When you think of it, 9,000,000 are being controlled by a few law firms who dump endless cash, limitless gland-handing, and do their best to lobby the legislature to make laws that favor their pocket book; not to protect you, to protect them.


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